Rodeo in the Sky 

- Research for Greater Flight Safety -

Title of the TV-feature High altitude flights with oxygen

A film by Heiderose Haesler & Regina Zibell (directors and storyline)

45 min. available on VHS (PAL + NTSC) or DVD, english + german
camera: Udo Rodig, Klaus Ohlmann (MWP), Hatto Wienholtz, Frank Blasberg
editor:                     Siegwart Kluge
consulting: René Heise (MWP), Dr. Wolf-Dietrich Herold (MWP)


A RBB Brandenburg Production ©2004 

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flight over the volcano waveflights with Klaus Ohlmann
recordflights up to Tiera del Fuego with a stemme S10 over san martin/argentina redordflight with strepla-software
VIS 5 D-simulation of airflows MAP
altitude training Sarajevo - approach -windshear - max power -go around
astronaut Ulf Merbold MWP- Rene Heise
Sierra Wave Project lecture from Joachim P. Kuettner in Berlin 2002
simulation of a rotor airflow
over the french see alps
MWP-Team Klaus & Rene volcano Lanin/Argentina



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