Pilot Report of October 09th, 2006 

According to that requested by Mayor René Heise (Manager/Pilot of the Team MWP), the one that subscribes Mayor Mister Eduardo Daniel ALVAREZ (E.AIR 100.703) pilot of the Air force Argentina, I proceed to relate that happened during the flight carried out in Mendoza during the Mountain Wave Project.


The day October 09 take off in the moto-glider STEMME S-10VT registers D-KKOP (Crew: Pilot's Seat My. ALVAREZ, Instructor’s seat Mr. Klaus OHLMANN) to 13:20 UTC bound for Uspallata.


The ascent with motor usually took place, maintaining an average of ascent of 4 m/s. We carry out some series of approaches to the runway of Uspallata carrying out touches and given of motor as much in track as in the route that this next one to this field.

Later we go in ascent toward Punta de Vacas and when reaching 2000 fts of height we turn off the motor carrying out our flight to candle among the mountains where we begin to test the most favorable hillsides to take advantage of the thermal ascent leaning back between the hillsides north and south from the next valley to Punta de Vacas.

In Punta de Vacas we reach 4880 mts after ascending thermally and dynamically and later at 2 hours we go toward the Hill Tupungato for the valley that leads to the same one. This valley possessed a diverse mixture of thermal and dynamics. Next to Tupungato they were begun to perceive tendencies of marked descents and when arriving to the fork of two valleys an ascent it was generated that take advantage to take the necessary altitude and to go toward the south arriving to the vertical of the Volcano Maipú the one which circling and flying.

We return to the Hill Tupungato taking advantage of the dynamics and in some moments they showed strong descending that were overcome increasing the speed and relying on the hillside flight. We reach 5.300 mts and we go toward the Hill Aconcagua in a glide that we maintained inside a moderate mountain wave with variómetro almost in zero and carrying out flight Dolphin since diverse conditions of ascents existed.

Once reached the lateral one This of the Hill Aconcagua, and to about 10 Kilometers a moderate and constant turbulence was perceived approximately, in those moments we possessed 5.900 meters, continuing with a trajectory of general direction 300 degrees in address to a cloud in a lenticular way that was next to the Valley of Calingasta and some 10 Kms of advance the air you lathe calms down, beginning to increase the ascent.... there it was the maximum of the ascent in the mountain wave, the variómetro reached a constant maximum of 5,2 m/s up and carrying out some series of turns to mount us in the wave reaches a maximum value of height 32.000 fts with an external temperature of less 45 ºC.

Due to the distance that we are of Mendoza and to next schedule to the nocturne, the Mr. Klaus Ohlmann decided to take out break-flight control and to go to the landing.

You began to perceive inside the booth the formation of ice due to the drop temperature.

 Physically I didn't have any alteration in any phase of the flight.

After 9.5 hours of flight, we land in the airport of "Plumerillo" going to the hangar and stopping the moto-glider ship to 22:50 UTC.

Mendoza, Base of Mountain Wave Project, 0ctober 19th 2006.

Mayor Eduardo Daniel ALVAREZ